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Well, the title kind of gives it away, so we'll jump straight into it!

In our previous blog, we told you about our SUZI Q victory at the ASSG (Australian Screen Sound Guild), in the Best Sound For A Documentary category, which that alone was more than enough good news this week.

Low and behold, the film award gods felt that SUZI Q was still deserving, and so last night (November 27, 2020), fortune struck again.

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts awards, or the AACTA's for short, is one of Australia's most prestigious and coveted film industry award ceremonies, akin to the Academy Awards or Golden Globes in the United States of America, so needless to say, they're a pretty big deal in Australia.

Our spectacular feature music documentary SUZI Q, was nominated in two separate categories:

- Best Documentary

- Best Sound in a Documentary

As the night went on and other category awards were given out, it was now our turn. Needless to say by now, but our entire team is ecstatic with the AACTA Award victory for Best Sound in a Documentary. It is so well deserved and we'd like to thank the following dedicated sound crew who won and earned their award:

- Paul Shanahan (Sound Supervisor at Final Sound)

- Emma Bortignon (Sound Designer)

- David Williams (Re-recording Mixer)

- Gemma Stack - Sound Editor

- Vanessa Carr - Foley Recordist

- Adrian Medhurst - Foley Artist

Here's the acceptance speech from last night, lovely to see so many happy and worthy smiles!

Of course, our congratulations are extended to Director Liam Firmager and Producer Tait Brady who also worked tirelessly to help make SUZI Q a reality.

To see the list of AACTA Award nominees and winners, particularly SUZI Q, click on this link here:

SUZI Q Synopsis:

Follows the story of the iconic history-making, rock singer-songwriter Suzi Q, who was instrumental in redefining the role of women in rock music, when she broke onto the scene in 1973.

Click here to purchase, rent or steam SUZI Q - don't forget to turn it up loud to listen to the multi-award winning sound!

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