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Adam La Rosa La Rosa Productions Actor Executive Producer



I'm Adam La Rosa, the founder of La Rosa Productions. 

In 2014, I ventured into territory I had not previously ever given much thought about within the film industry. An opportunity arose to join the crew as an Associate Producer of a then-new short film called 'The Last Days of Ben Hall' which very quickly grew into a magnificent independent Australian feature film in 2017 called 'The Legend Of Ben Hall', of which I subsequently worked on as an Executive Producer.

This film has since travelled to all corners of the Earth, winning countless awards at film festivals, seeing the composer make the shortlist for an Academy Award, having the film distributed in over 30 countries, seeing it re-dubbed into multiple

foreign languages and being sold and made available on HBO throughout all of Europe as well as other VOD (video on demand) and SVOD (subscription-based video-on-demand) services across the world. One could say that it ignited the Producer pilot light within me that would have probably stayed dormant forever. 

Fast forward to 2017, I was approached by now defunct Melbourne-based Primitive Films and asked to be the Executive Producer of another film, an extremely edgy and experimental short horror-thriller film called 'They Can't Hear You'. The film travelled around the world making appearances on the festival circuit with 11 official selections, 5 awards and 3 finalist nominations. 

With these credits under my belt, I decided that it was unacceptable to me, to be involved in the film industry as an Actor yet complain about the lack of good quality productions available and not do anything about it. Worse still, to be an Actor and not choose to invest in productions simply because I wasn't involved in them. Sadly this mentality is rife in the film industry and I wanted to do something about it, by putting my money where my mouth is and taking it to the next level by launching my own company; La Rosa Productions. This company has two main objectives:

Adam La Rosa White Jacket.jpg

1. To support an industry which has provided me with a great deal of passion and meaning to life and plays a critical part in the cultural wellbeing of society

2. To provide production assistance for commercially viable TV, documentary and feature film productions 

If you'd like to engage my services, please feel free to get in contact below.  

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