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SUZI Q Nominated for Best Documentary at AACTA Awards 2020

If you're based outside of Australia and aren't familiar with the film industry, then it's likely you've not heard of the AACTA Awards or aware of what they are. The AACTA Awards, which stand for 'The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards' are to Australia as the Academy Awards (Oscars) are to America. They're undoubtedly our biggest and most prestige of Film & Television awards, held annually, to recognise and award the most outstanding productions and talent each year, both in front of and behind the camera.

This said, it is our absolute greatest honour to be able to announce that SUZI Q, a spectacular feature music documentary we worked on, has been officially nominated in the BEST DOCUMENTARY category.

SUZI Q AACTA Awards 2020 Best Documentary Nomination Liam Firmager La Rosa Productions

As you could imagine, a nomination in a nationally and internationally recognised awards ceremony is akin to a victory, but given our nomination, director Liam Firmager and lead producer Tait Brady are suitable ecstatic and we believe, deservedly so.

We are up against tough competition of 5 other nominees but are all incredibly hopefully of some special news when the ceremony kicks off on November 27, 2020 at 1:00pm.

If you've not yet seen our spectacular film, now is as good a time as any to see why it's so deserving of a BEST DOCUMENTARY nomination at a major awards ceremony. Check out the official trailer below:

If you want to purchase, rent or stream SUZI Q, then go to our SUZI Q page by clicking this link here.

And stay tuned, hopefully we're back soon with some very special news!

AACTA Awards 2020 nominees list:

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