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Twin Rivers Official Film Poster BluRay

Twin Rivers (2007)

Digitally re-mastered & re-released (2019) 

Set in 1939 Australia, two brothers embark on a long 500-mile journey on foot across New South Wales, Australia in order to follow a dream. On their journey to reach the city of Melbourne to start their own business, a series of events on the road results in the brother's loyalty to each other being challenged when new dreams are discovered. A chance encounter with a fellow traveller changes the course of their journey and ultimately, the course of their lives.


Originally released in 2007, with the assistance of La Rosa Productions and other key individuals such as digital colourist Peter Szilveszter (the award-winning cinematographer from The Legend Of Ben Hall), Twin Rivers has been digitally re-mastered and re-released in order to bring the quality up to modern-day, high definition standards for a more vibrant and detailed viewing experience.


Twin Rivers critic review

Empire Magazine (2007)

Peter Weir Twin Rivers personal note

Dear Matthew,

So much energy, so much sheer will required to mount something as ambitious as Twin Rivers. My congratulations and I cheer you on to your next...

With best wishes, Peter Weir

(Peter Weir is a legendary Australian film director, known for his iconic films Dead Poets Society, The Truman Show, Master And Commander, Gallipoli and Witness amongst countless others.)

"One of the best Australian films I have ever seen... incredibly emotionally engaging... a wonderful evocation of the period."


“Bravo! Twin Rivers is a splendid film which beautifully evokes our rural heritage."   - PETER GOERS, ABC 891


"Ambitious in scope with confident execution... Holmes' love for the Australian story is as undeniable as his grasp of the medium."


“A wonderful, involving and truly Australian story... richly detailed and emotional.  A beautiful and handsome production which captures atmosphere and characters of the period.”           



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