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SUZI Q Sounds Like A Winner

Anyone familiar with the film industry are most likely aware of the Producers Guild or the Casting Guild, but did you know there's also the Australian Screen Sound Guild, or ASSG for short?

We tend to think as film or cinema being a strictly visual medium whilst underestimating the importance of sound. Sound in a thriller is what gets you on the edge of your seat with the hairs standing up on the back of your neck. Sound is what makes you feel good when your hero character is cruising down the highway in an open-top convertible with some rock music playing, and sound is what helps bring tears to your eyes during that heartbreaking moment of loss in a scene.

Sound is in fact a critical element of film, arguably more so than the visuals. We've seen films before that look great on screen but have poor sound quality, ineffectual music and unrealistic sound effects. How many times have you watched a film and the background music or sound has drowned out the actors voices to the point where you can't even hear or understand what they're saying? Or what about hearing dialogue that's been re-recorded in a studio (called ADR, Automated Dialogue Replacement) and poorly matched up with the actors lip and mouth movement? And we aren't even talking about foreign films here, as that is accepted and expected.

So next time you dismiss the importance of sound in film, remember all of the above and vitally importance sound is in the audience experience of film. Most audiences will accept mediocre visuals if the sound design is amazing, but few would accept the opposite as it results in a very uncomfortable experience.

Now that you have a new-found respect and understanding for the importance of overall sound design in a film, let us share some truly great film news about SUZI Q, the feature music documentary about the stellar life of the Queen of Rock n' Roll, Suzi Quatro.

Recently SUZI Q was nominated for BEST SOUND IN A DOCUMENTARY and we are now proud to officially announce that SUZI Q won the award! This is such fantastic news and truly corroborates all that we've said above about the importance of sound. Apart from beautifully historic flashbacks and modern-day interviews, SUZI Q is such a beautiful auditory experience truly worthy of such as esteemed award from Australia's premier screen industry sound body.

We'd like to acknowledge the superior work done by the following sound crew on SUZI Q under the direction of Liam Firmager:

Paul Shanahan - Dialogue Editor & Sound Supervisor

Emma Bortignon ASSG - Sound Designer

David William - Re-recording Mixer

Gemma Stack - Sound Editor

Vanessa Carr - Foley Recordist

Adrian Medhurst - Foley Artist

If you've not yet seen (or heard SUZI Q) then this magnificent award is a reinforcing testament as to why you should. Just like Suzi Quatro herself, SUZI Q the film is still winning awards and you'll be just as inspired by her life story as you will hearing her numerous chart-topping hits, all whilst listening to award winning sound design!

SUZI Q Synopsis:

Follows the story of the iconic history-making, rock singer-songwriter Suzi Q, who was instrumental in redefining the role of women in rock music, when she broke onto the scene in 1973.


Click here to go to the Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG) winners page

Click here to purchase, rent or steam SUZI Q

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