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The Cost - Now Streaming on STAN in Australia

Thankfully we can now spill the beans. It's official, THE COST is now available to stream across one of Australia's biggest streaming platforms, Stan.

TechRadar comapres every major streaming platform in Australia and rates Stan as the second biggest and best and we couldn't be prouder, happier and more humbled to finally be able to announce to everyone that our multi-award-winning drama/thriller is now made available to an even wider audience across the country.

For anyone who knows or even for those who don't, filmmaking is such a laborious process involving years of patience, time, energy and work, sprinkled with a dash of sweetness and a whole lot of hope. Between development, raising of capital, pre-production, principle photography, post-production, marketing, distribution and everything in between, it's a wonder any films ever get made, completed or even see the light of day.

But they do. Films are art, art in motion. They are history, they are education, they're an escape from reality and an artistic expression of reality. They're a legacy, they're a time capsule of days gone by or potential days to come, a they're also a legacy but above all else, film and motion pictures are culturally important to the human species.

Every filmmakers end goal if for their film to have the best opportunity of success by reaching the widest possible audience. Nowadays, with the shift and trends in the forever changing distribution model, streaming platforms offer some of the widest audiences available. It's for this reason that every filmmaker is trying to get their completed films on a major platform.

Thankfully, to our Australian distributor Madman Entertainment and others who have showed great faith and support in our film, it's now easily and widely available to everyone's viewing pleasure (may not be the best term to use for this film) in the comfort of their own home or device to stream and watch from anywhere.

There's so many passionate and dedicated individuals that worked on and were involved in the production of The Cost and this is one of the best testaments to showcase their tireless work and effort.

Now, enough of the chit-chat, it's time to go and watch The Cost on Stan. Click here to watch it now (you can sign up for a free 30-day trial too) or watch the trailer below first for a glimpse.

The Cost on Stan

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