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SUZI Q with Suzi Quatro SOLD OUT!

It was a wet old Sunday afternoon in Melbourne (November 3, 2019) when at 4:00pm, just over 1,000 people turned up (some in full leathers) to the iconic Astor Theatre in St.Kilda in order to watch the Melbourne Premiere special screening of SUZI Q, complete with Suzi Quatro as the very special guest in a post-film Q&A.

Upon walking into the beautiful foyer of the Astor Theatre, I could hear and see the buzz everywhere. Suzi posters were everywhere, her music playing in the background, merchandise being sold and attendees already deep in conversation and anticipation of what this film would be like. Check out the buzz below:

When the theatre staff opened the doors, people couldn't get in there quick enough and before too long, the entire downstairs section of the theatre was completely full. Luckily I was waiting at the entry doors to the upstairs balcony section and was pretty much the first one up there, making sure I got a great vantage point in the front row of the upstairs balcony.

What greeted us was a very large (aka giant) cinema screen of dimensions I couldn't tell you, but it was big and it was Suzi in Suzi Q mode, her classic, iconic stance. After about 10 minutes, it was very clear that the theatre had reached its 1,050 capacity and before too long, it was time to get this show on the road. Next thing we hear is the MC below (just look at the size of that screen!)

Next, Producer Tait Brady and Director Liam Firmager came up on stage to introduce the film and to my complete amazement, Tait mentioned and acknowledged me and the rather monumental journey I had literally made only hours earlier to be present there. It was extremely unexpected and very humbling. The journey I had made was directly from Broken Hill (outback New South Wales) where I was representing SUZI Q at the Perfect Light Film Festival as our film had been selected to be the Official Opening Film for the annual film festival.

The festival finished on Saturday night at around 10:30pm and by 12:30am I was on my way driving back to Melbourne, covering almost 1,000km just so that I could now be present for this extremely special screening. 36 + hours of literally no sleep explains why I looked so tired. Here's Tait and Liam on stage.

Following this, SUZI Q started. This was now my 3rd time watching this film in a cinema with a large audience and it's now become undeniably evident to me that this is one special film. Why do I say that? Because of the way it touches people, affects them and speaks to them. There was laughter where it was supposed to be, tears when they weren't expected and people singing along throughout - which was very expected.

SUZI Q is a very personal, raw and genuinely authentic look back at the life, both public and private of the Queen of Rock and Roll. She was the first, she was a pioneer who dared to carve out her identity in what was a very male-orientated and dominated industry.

92 minutes later, SUZI Q finished and the credits began rolling on. Despite it still being quite dark, the applause and reaction from the 1,000-strong audience was truly thunderous, as you'll hear below.

Minutes later, it was time. Suzi Quatro herself, had just entered the building and it was no surprise at all that she received the rockstar standing ovation and reaction that she had come to know so well from her adoring Australian fans.

The Q&A was fantastic and quirky. There were some left-field questions being asked by the quintessential over-zealous fans, however some questions were very deep and insightful which was obviously appreciate by Suzi.

And like that, the Q&A was over and everyone spilled out into the foyer to chat and snap up the last remaining bits of merchandise that was available, before everything was literally sold out.

It was a great opportunity to hear some extremely positive reviews and feedback from some of the audience, even those who literally knew nothing about her other than her familiar name.

I'm so incredibly proud to be involved in a film that has left such positive feedback and opinions into the minds and hearts of so many. It's shown that ultimately, regardless of a persons status or position, everyone deals with very common feelings and emotions, no one is better than them and everyone of us face them. Suzi Quatro is no different. Although her personal journey and experience with life in the spotlight may be far off what most of us will every experience in our lives, there's something reassuring in knowing that all the money, power and fame in the world still throws up the very same situations, scenarios and emotions as the rest of us.

Suzi Q, Suzi Quatro, Film, Premiere, Astor Theatre
Left to right: MC, Director Liam Firmager, Suzi Quatro and Producer Tait Brady

To learn more about the film, please see links below:

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