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The Cost Sydney Premiere

On Saturday December 10, 2022, The Cost premiered to an all new audience at the Event Cinemas in George Street in heart of Sydney as part of the annual MonsterFest film festival.

Cast & Crew Q&A
Russell Cunningham (Producer), Nicole Pastor (Actress), Jordan Fraser-Trumble (Actor) and Matthew Holmes (Director) at the post-screening Q&A

There was gasping in the air and with reactions equally as good as that of the world premiere in Melbourne a couple of weeks prior, The Cost received some amazing feedback and reviews and surely, is only a taste of things to come for Matthew Holmes` revenge-thriller with a twist.

In attendance was Director Matthew Holmes, lead actor Jordan Fraser-Trumble, actress Nicole Pastor, Producer Russell Cunningham and Production Designer Luan Shi.

Following the viewing, the audience had the opportunity to hear from the cast and crew as well as ask some questions in the Q&A, which then led to a spillover into the foyer where wonderful conversation, photos and laughs were shared with all.

Here's just a snapshot of the images taken on the night by photographer Victor Hawk.

Thank you to all those who attended.

Stay tuned for more announcements to come in the new year about The Cost.

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