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The Cost Official Release Dates Announced

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

And just like that, after more than two years The Cost is finally ready to be released and unleashed upon audiences across Australia. It's been a long time coming, but no crisis can stop a good film, and so we are ready to put that to the test with the long-awaited official release announcement of The Cost.

The Cost official poster

Yes, The Cost was actually screened in late 2022 at MonsterFest Film Festival in both Melbourne and Sydney, but outside of those very limited screenings, no one else has had the opportunity to see it until now.

It may look a little different to you because The Cost had a complete outfit change in wardrobe and it was decided late in the game to change the official poster to the one you see here now.

The entire team is proud to announce that The Cost will be having a limited theatrical cinema screening at selected cinemas across Australia between October 5th -18th, 2023. This is your one chance to see our film the way it was intended, on the big screen, with big sound and in an audience of fellow movie-goers. Time is limited though, so see the dates and locations below:

Thursday Oct 5 - Lido Cinemas, Hawthorn VIC (6:30pm)

Friday Oct 6 - The Memo, Healvesville VIC (7:00pm)

Saturday Oct 7 - Wallis Cinemas, Mitcham S.A. (7:00pm)

Saturday Oct 7 - Wallis Cinemas, Mt. Barker S.A. (7:00pm)

Sunday Oct 8 - Wallis Cinemas, Mitcham S.A. (7:00pm)

Sunday Oct 8 - Wallis Cinemas, Mt. Barker S.A. (7:00pm)

Sunday Oct 8 - Sun Theatre, Yarraville VIC (6:30pm)

Wednesday Oct 11 - Cameo Cinemas, Belgrave VIC (6:30pm)

Thursday Oct 12 - Theatre Royal, Castlemaine VIC (7:30pm)

Friday Oct 13 - Mecca Arts Centre, Warburton VIC (7:00pm)

Saturday Oct 14 - Wallis Cinemas, Mitcham S.A. (7:00pm)

Saturday Oct 14 - Wallis Cinemas, Mt. Barker S.A. (7:00pm)

Sunday Oct 15 - Wallis Cinemas, Mitcham S.A. (7:00pm)

Sunday Oct 15 - Wallis Cinemas, Mt. Barker S.A. (7:00pm)

Sunday Oct 15 - Cinema Nova, Carlton VIC (5:00pm)

Tuesday Oct 17 - Orpheum Picture Palace, Cremorne NSW (7:00pm)​

Wednesday Oct 18 - Ritz Cinema, Randwick NSW (6:30pm)

Tickets are selling now, click here to book tickets to your preferred screening.

And as if this wasn't good enough news, then we are equally as thrilled to announce that The Cost has secured domestic distribution through Australia and New Zealand with Madman Entertainment, who is one of the premier film distributors in the oceanic region.

Madman will be handling all BluRay and DVD distribution and sales. At present, The Cost is available on either media platform for pre-order, with the official release date being October 18, 2023.

So for those who are either unable to make it to one of the many cinemas to watch it in person, or if you have, and want to add this exceptional Australian film to your existing BluRay or DVD collection, then click here to order your BluRay or DVD copy of The Cost, complete with behind the scenes making of documentary as well as director commentaries.

The Cost will also be coming to Video on Demand (VOD) and streaming services as of October 18, 2023 as well. Yes, that's right, we remember that not everyone owns a BluRay or DVD player anymore, so we well and truly have all based covered!

To view The Cost page on our website, including the official trailer as well as other information, please click here.

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