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Forbes Recommends SUZI Q

2020. There, that's a sentence within itself. How many adjectives (and expletives) can we possibly use to describe the year that has been?! We'll say tumultuous and leave it at that.

Amidst all the madness, our little film was about to open in cinemas all over the USA, until the dreaded invisible enemy closed them all down.

We were also selected for Festivals that subsequently never happened. Our International Sales Agent went to the wall.

The film was then released on digital and DVD in North America, and picked up incredible reviews and media coverage (see all the reviews and coverage on our Media & Press section on the SUZI Q page) - with Suzi doing over 100 interviews and events, all while sitting at home in London.

Still not enough you say? OK...

The film had a cinema release in Germany, as cinemas closed, re-opened and then closed again.

Seriously 2020, just stop already!

And just like that, the universe listened.

We then got a new sales agent.

We've now been sold to other territories, such as Brazil, Belgium, Japan and released or broadcast in Italy, Poland, Netherlands and the UK to name a few. We were nominated in the AFI/AACTA Awards here for Best Feature Documentary and our fabulous sound team took out both the Industry awards over the last few weeks, for Best Sound in a Feature Documentary. Congrats to them for fabulous work that went way beyond the norm and added so much to the film.

2020 wasn't done yet, it had to let us know one last time that it wasn't yet over.

To round it all off, Suzi Quatro herself got COVID in October. She says it was a horrible 3 weeks or so, but she's ok now.

But come on 2020, seriously, stop this, enough now, give us something good again!

"OK" was the response.

This just in: No less than the prestigious and renowned FORBES magazine in the USA just included SUZI Q in their round-up of best music documentaries of 2020. We're in good company.

We would like to extend an enormous thank you to all of the cast, crew, distributors, publicists and anyone else that was involved in bringing this truly magnificent production to life, particularly Suzi's devoted fans across the world who have seen this film, purchased it, rented it, streamed it and absolutely loved it.

That aside, 2020 can go in the can.

Thanks to Producer Tait Brady for much of this.


- Forbes 2020 best documentaries wrap-up

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