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The Cost Officially Announced To Public

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

It's so hard to keep exciting news under wraps, but that's what we've been doing for months and months as our latest collaborative project has passed through its pre-production phase to the present, where it's been quietly filming in Melbourne and in Lauriston (regional Victoria) for several weeks now.

The Cost film poster

The Cost, written by Matthew Holmes and Gregory Moss is a psychological revenge drama and was designed to explore the emotional and mental consequences of carrying out an act of vengeance in the name of justice.

If the name Matthew Holmes rings a bell, it's because we've collaborated with him before on other features, namely, the epic Australian western The Legend Of Ben Bell as well as Twin Rivers. The Cost is a co-production between Matthew's Two Tone Pictures, as well as Russell Cunninghams's RLC Motion Pictures Entertainment and sees Adam La Rosa of La Rosa Productions in an Executive Producing role, along with Rohan Muggleton, Alexander Moss, Ross Angelo and Joshua Little.

A strong cast of seasoned actors is led by Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Damon Hunter, and Kevin Dee, with supporting roles from Joshua Jaeger, Cait Spiker, Sotiris Tzelios, Nicole Pastor, Adam Willson, Nadia Fragnito, Mark Redpath and Stephen Sammut amongst others.

Kevin Dee actor pain screaming
Actor Kevin Dee in an unforgettable performance

Behind the lens is talented Director Of Photography Cable Williams with past Academy Award qualifying composer Ronnie Minder taking care of the score.

Whilst the world was distracted with, shall we say, other news, the cast and crew of The Cost have been quietly and diligently working away on set and location, delivering some truly stellar and often harrowing (in a good way) performances that we simply can't wait for audiences to see.

Matthew Holmes The Cost cast crew on location bush
Director Matthew Holmes (far right) continuing his love of rural Australia in The Cost as he watches over cast and crew

Cinema Australia, FilmInk, Inside Film and even Variety in the USA heard the news and shared it. What an exciting journey this film is on, which will continue for the next few years at least, well after its anticipated release date of mid 2022.

Go to The Cost page on our website here.

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