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RAGE Bags Two More Awards In Canada

Well just as everyone had decided to pack in 2020 and call it a day, we received the amazing news a few days ago that our latest feature film RAGE was victorious at the LA Film Awards where we were awarded BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE.

Still high off celebrating this, we have just received further notification that RAGE has once again been victorious, this time in Canada at the Montreal Independent Film Festival. But our news became even better when we learned that it didn't just win one award, but two!



We are, understandably, completely over the moon. Within less than one week we were ready to end 2020 early but isn't it amazing how some good news can turn everything around?!

John Balazs, who not only directed but edited RAGE is one happy man, as are the entire cast and crew.

Now with 3 awards won from two different prestigious international film festivals, the momentum has well and truly begun for RAGE, which lays a great foundation for a successful 2021.

Click here to go straight to the Montreal Independent Film Festival winners list on their website.

RAGE synopsis:

After a violent home invasion leaves him in a coma and his wife deeply traumatized, a mild-mannered husband awakens to find out that one of the attackers is still on the loose. As they try to move on with their lives, one day his nearly-despondent wife spots the attacker, opening up a twisted tale of brutal revenge where all isn't as it seems.

RAGE is coming in 2021!

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