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Jasper Bagg's A Victory

Jasper Bagg Best Supporting Actor Nominee Nomination Rage Prisma Rome Independent Film Awards

No, the blog heading is not misspelt, Jasper's surname is actually Bagg and if you've never heard of him, you're missing out on seeing the incredible talent and screen presence he demonstrates with each production he's involved in.

Thankfully, we were fortunate enough to secure Jasper for a role in our latest upcoming feature film RAGE, which saw Jasper play the supporting role of Private Investigator Randy Cooks. So good he is in his depiction that only a few short weeks ago at the beginning of November, that he was nominated in the category of BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR at the Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards.

Fast forward a few weeks later and we are ecstatic to learn the news that Jasper was victorious and has bagged the winning prize for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR. Not only are we thrilled, but also not surprised at this result.

Jasper is a veteran and seasoned actor, having performed alongside such talents as Chris Hemsworth, Russell Crowe, Rachel Griffiths and Geoffrey Rush amongst many others, in films such as Thor: Ragnarok, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Joker Game and The Straits.

Jasper Bagg Best Supporting Actor Rage Winner Prisma Rome Independent Film Awards

In addition to Jasper's many industry screen credits, he's also an accomplished acting and performance coach, running classes and personal tuition with aspiring actors and actresses across the world.

We are incredibly proud of Jasper's achievement and look forward to sharing his performance alongside all the other wonderful performances with audiences internationally when RAGE is released early in 2021.

This victory brings the total number of awards for RAGE to 5, a testament to the supreme direction of John Balazs.

Prisma Rome Independent Film Awards October 2020 Winners List.

RAGE synopsis:

After a violent home invasion leaves him in a coma and his wife deeply traumatized, a mild-mannered husband awakens to find out that one of the attackers is still on the loose. As they try to move on with their lives, one day his nearly-despondent wife spots the attacker, opening up a twisted tale of brutal revenge where all isn't as it seems.

RAGE is coming in 2021!

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