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Film Combat Syndicate (USA) shares news between Prima Lux Films & La Rosa Productions for RAGE

Updated: May 3, 2020

Film Combat Syndicate (FCS) is an extraordinarily popular news and blog site in the USA dedicated to all things film, with a focus on productions involving some kind of combat or action genre or sequences within them. Founded by passionate film and action buff Lee B. Gordon III in New York City, Film Combat Syndicate has grown to become one of the film industries go-to sources for all things action related.

According to their website, the Film Combat Syndicate's primary goal is: "To cover a wide variety of mainstream and independent projects attributed to action movies and projects from around the world with an angle toward following stunt performers and independent creatives."

Being independent creatives ourselves, we value and appreciate people like Lee and the Film Combat Syndicate.

Lee is familiar with RAGE director John Balazs from his previous multi-award-winning films Night Shift and Dancer and heard some rumours about a collaboration and agreement between La Rosa Productions and John's company Prima Lux Films.

Lee was very quick to get in contact with both John and Adam La Rosa to verify and corroborate the whispers, which of course were true and no sooner had written an editorial and essentially a press release on the news.

Lee was also kind enough to mention two other productions that we are currently involved in, Salt Lake and Suzi Q.

Read the brilliant written Film Combat Syndicate article here, titled:

To learn more about the film, please see links below:

- Prima Lux Films website

- La Rosa Productions website

- Rage on IMDb

- Film Combat Syndicate website

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