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Salt Lake - A Film About Mental Illness - Needs Your Help

Let's face it, no one is immune from mental illness. People often only think of mental illness as weakness of the mind, a breakdown, depression or suicidal thoughts, but it is so much more. If you've ever had a bad day, become upset, stressed, frustrated, angry, sad or felt alone, then congratulations, you have joined the rest of the society who also has experienced such feelings, moods and emotions. Whilst they may not be as severe as an outright mental breakdown, they are small episodes and experiences which can be drawn upon to help us understand that the term mental illness or mental health encompasses any ill-feeling which has the potential to linger and do us harm unless managed or resolved.

Darkness, void, terror, night, horror, blood
Emma Louise Bournes trapped in Leah's world

This said, there's still a very large portion of society that just doesn't understand mental illness very well, either because they've not experienced a severe enough episode or because it's not something that can be easily seen.

There's no shortage of wonderful organisations and ambassadors out there, working hard to raise awareness and continually educate people from all walks of life about mental health awareness and support, however there's always more that can be done.

Cinema has always had the power to immerse an audience into a completely different world, to alter their perception and educate in a way that other mediums aren't able to. It's for this reason that our new film, SALT LAKE will be an extraordinarily powerful and visceral way for people to connect with and understand mental illness.

Mental illnesses and just that, they take place in the mind. The battle is all within the mind. So with little to no dialogue we are aiming to create a very powerful film which will essentially give a voice to those who suffer whilst giving the experience of what it feels like to suffer to everyone else.

This will be achieved in 3 main ways, exceptional cinematography, hauntingly powerful sound design and extremely personal and unforgettable performances.

The lead role will be played by Emma Louise Bournes and the supporting role will be played by Nick Bracks, who is very well known for being a prominent figure in the mental health arena and who is already an ambassador and public figure for several mental health organisations.

Written and directed by award-winning Luke Creely of Primitive Films, with Sam Butler of Film Media capturing unforgettable visuals and Adam La Rosa of La Rosa Productions as Executive Producer, almost everything is in place to deliver this timely and very important piece of cinema.

The last piece of the puzzle is you. To secure locations, equipment, permits and other resources costs money, and whilst we have put our hands into our own pockets to get this underway, we need your help to see us reach the finish line. We can make this special film for $20,000, but we urgently need your kindness and assistance to help us get there.

This is a not-for-profit project, we are passionate about this story so every dollar will be used in the production of this film and are hoping that if you through your own mental health experience or that somebody you love, understand the importance of what we are doing and why we are doing it. You can help us to create this important message and for it to reach far and wide around the world.

Absolutely any contribution is greatly appreciated, plus there's various rewards on offer for different levels of assistance, with some great and real opportunities to be personally and professionally involved and acknowledged in the creation of this film as an Associate or Executive Producer.

Please watch the touching, personal and heartfelt video below and consider sparing what you can in our quest to make this important and e educational piece of cinema.

To learn more about the film, please see links below:

- SALT LAKE Campaign website

- SALT LAKE Facebook page


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