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Salt Lake 

 - in development

Written and inspired by real events, Salt Lake is about a young woman, Leah, who, in the wake of an unprecedented tragic event, experiences a psychotic episode as she comes to grips with her trauma.


Talented Melbourne-based actress, Emma Louise Bournes, has been cast in the challenging lead role of Leah.


Mental health advocate, actor and public figure, Nick Bracks, has been cast in the supporting role of Paul. Nick will also be our mental health ambassador for the project.

We have also secured another high profile Australian actress in a supporting role.


Our vision for Salt Lake is to give psychosis, and mental health more broadly, a strong and compelling cinematic voice. We have found that those who experience complex mental illness often can’t find a way to articulate that experience. They can feel isolated. Misunderstood. This doesn’t sit right with us. We want to do something about it by employing the power of cinema to help enforce change and to contribute to the vital ongoing public conversation about mental health awareness.


Salt Lake is a raw and confronting film that will be shot in some of Australia’s most beautiful and expansive exterior landscapes. It will use haunting and evocative imagery and soundscapes to visually and aurally convey what is often difficult to communicate through words. Our film will give the audience the “experience” of mental illness, will help explain what is often unexplainable, and will explore a misunderstood illness with the truth and honesty that it deserves.


Through Salt Lake, we want to provide those experiencing complex mental illness an outlet, a way to feel “understood” and to feel that their experiences are “heard”. We want to make a difference. We want to make an impact. And given that it is a universal medium and vehicle to explore taboo themes, cinema is the way that we want to do that.

If you or someone you know is as passionate about mental health awareness and cinema as we are and would like to discuss your involvement via funding/investment, please get in contact.

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